Okay so it's been a few days, and I noticed a pimple (not very small) on my buttock.(I am a girl, fairly young) It was SO painful, i couldnt walk, sit or run. i live in a very hot country ao that could be connected to it? but the weather right now is quite cool...They're deep like underneath the skin. I saw some posts online and decided to use bactroban which worked great, the bump tones down to almost regular skin level. UNTIL the pimple started bleeding! It's bleeding is a bit and is VERY uncomfortable in school! Now I can also feel a few more pimples on other places of my butt (very mild and do not hurt) that are deep in the skin. I also have a blocked sebaceous gland on my butt which I am treating with bactroban, could that be connected to it? Please help! This is urgent! Thank you.