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Hi everyone!
During depression I felt strong attachment to my doctor.I felt so alone and I was emaling questions about my health to my doctor,sometimes every day,sometimes every 2-3 days.After her answers I felt much better.I didnot feel alone.But one day I felt I loss my doctor.She stopped to answer me,she ignored my questions about her treatment,about my next appoitment. Now I feel sad and upset.Im not crazy person, Im not mental sick person.Im normal healthy mama of two so cute boys.
So why strong attachment to doctor affect relationship between doctor and patient? ,
What I did wrong? How to re-establish relations between patient and doctor? How to be one of patients of my doctor again?
I never had problem with my strong attachment to some people in my life.It happened to me first time and I dont know how to help self.My doctor is great doctor.Her treatment the best work for me!I was so happy to have such great doctor.But now I left without my Doctor.
As you can,please, HELP!
Thanks for your help, everyone!



What you were feeling, the attachment is common. The doctor helped you, was kind to you, and listened to you. In effect she nurtured you, fulfilling your needs. You have an "emotional bond."

In order for your doctor, or any health care provider, to do their job and make the best decisions they need to keep a distance from their patients. Emotions can get in the way of making good healthcare choices. Your doctor is probably realizing that you were becoming dependent upon her and needed to reestablish that distance.

Does this mean that you can't trust your doctor? No. I think she knows perfectly well what is going on and is acting in the best interests of both of you. Please accept it, don't question it. A doctor/patient relationship is a strong bond but it needs to be built upon trust, not friendship.

Do you need to find a new doctor? If you want you could. I'd suggest "backing off" for now and seeing how your next appointments feel. If they are awkward, then find another doctor. You don't have to explain why.

Hope it helps.


Thanks for answer.Its helpful.
I still want to be one of her patiens.I feel she is my doctor, I feel comfortable with her, I honest, opened. We will see what will happen next.


Hi! Dont worry.Your situation is normal for you.Because you were depressed, felt alone and you attached your Doctor.Your doctor a little tired from you and let you know it .I hope, "your doctor" is your doctor again, she let you to be one of her patients again.And you are feeling much better now. If you still feel alone (your doctor left you), be patient, be stronger.Try to think positive, try to be happy without your doctor.I hope, one day you will can to come back to your Doctor.I also went through such situation.I know, how you feeling now.Everything will be fine!!!