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Hello All, I was wondering if someone could help me with information about a diabetic hypo alert dog. More and more I'm losing a sense of the hypos I'm experiencing as they are very erratic. My blooc sugar levels have done as low as 2.1 and I don't seem to have any symptoms that I'm awarre of. Although I work at home, I'm finding that these hypos are interfering with my work and shopping. I also live alone. I thought if these dogs can really detect sugar levels whether elevated or low, I would be able to take care of myself better. As I live alone, a dog would make a great companion as well. Does anyone know about these dogs or have one who can pass on some information. I haven't much money and wondering if I could train my own dog or get one at minimal cost. Thanks.


Hello, It is possible to train your own dog however that could take some time and you have to be properly instructed on what to do. There are charities that train diabetic hypo alert dogs. You'll need to do a search on the computer (type in diabetic hypo alert dog) and see if you have trainers and charities close to where you live (I don't know where you are). Generally, charities will require that you to have blood glucose measurements anywhere from 6 to 10 readings daily (it depends on the place) that demonstrate glucose swings. In other words, you really the dog and in a sense are financially strapped. In some cases, you may be able to do some volunteer work (fundraising) for the charity and earn your dog that way.


As you may know these dogs are trained to detect the odor of high or low glucose levels in a diabetic individual and warn them. No doubt this would bring about greater freedom in life style as well as reassurance. As far as training, I've heard that poodles are easy to train and something you might be able to do on your own. Or perhaps get a dog and have it trained, however make sure that people are bona fide medical dog trainers.