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Hi all, I'm diabetic type 2 and I'm planning a pregnancy. Need advice! I've been told that I need to have my blood sugar levels well managed and to start working on that right now. As a type 2 I tend to have hypos. Not a whole lot, but I think I have problems taking the right amount of insulin. Some of my friends who have seen what I eat say I'm not putting the right foods together. I don't think I get enough protein and I'm not sure about the fat. Any one out there type 2 that had a planned pregnancy and knows what to do about this. Thanks.



Hello, I'm a type 2 and my first pregnancy was planned and I think everything went rather well. I know we can have hypos and I had that problem as well. My diet initially was not really the best. I didn't understand about the fat and protein either. You need to have around 4 ounces or so of protein and about 30 to 40 percent of the diet with fat and of course the carbs vary for each individual. You diabetes manager can help you with that and establish a base line. If you take in too many carbs and not enough and fat, your carbs are absorbed to quickly and can cause a sugar spike. Proteins and fats take a long time to digest so they slow down the digestion process. This lowers the amount of carbs you will absorb at any given time in the small intestine. This can prevent sugar spikes. When you keep having sugar spikes you may not be able to dose your insulin properly which quite often can bring you to hypos. Make sure you have enough protein and fat (good fats) with every meal and this should help you manage your blood sugar levels.