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need dietary information for vicodin detox and recovery


vicodin is a common prescription drug that is given
for pain management. It is also an opiate like heroin
or morphine, and it is highly addictive.
If you find yourself in the middle of a vicodin addiction,
the first course of action that you will have to take on
the road to recovery is vicodin detox.

Why is Vicodin so Addictive?

Vicodin can alter the way that your mind and body normally
process information. This means that even if you make the
decision to stop taking vicodin, your mind will tell you
that you still need the drug.

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to get rid of it one need strong determination & proper medication


In addition to what the poster above said the danger in Vicodin and prescription pain pills is the amount of Tylenol in them.

Your doctor can prescribe medication that will help you with the withdrawal. You can expect it to last about one week.