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Everyone has different "answers" about this one.

Story time, I'll make it short.

Started seeing a guy and he made me squirt for the first time. Wonderful. We broke up. Sad.  Now since then I (of course) have tried to do it again on my own. No luck. HOWEVER!

Now I feel the constant urge to pee. I know what your thinking UTI right? I'm not so sure. It kinda like I can control it. But there is a part of me that wants to pee because it kinda feels like a minor orgasm. a similar releasing of a kind. hard to explain. There is just so much differing info out there on squirting etc. Could my desire to squirt again just be that strong that my body is trying to recreate it? Could I actually have a minor Uti?  Its like my body squirted for the first time and is trying to figure out what/how it happened. 

Squirters our there respond! None of my friends are of us kind. Help a girl out!






Now I'm worried that everytime I decided to be intimate with someone, I'm gonna have to say "Maybe we should lay down some towels, Oh yeah, because I squirt." How do men feel about this? Attractive? Unattractive? "I'm gonna make her squirt" or "Damn she didnt squirt now I'm bad a giving her an orgasm" etc. 


Men, Thoughts?



Most men are elated when they are able to bring thier partner to even a "regular" orgasm. When a man makes a woman "squirt" it is extremely rewarding. As for protecting the bed, well, not many men are going to be bothered by you wanting to avoid soaking the sheets. Simply putting a towel down and saying, lets do this just in case... will probably turn him on.

Hope this helps