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I too was given a diagnosis of digenerative disk. Exactly what does it mean?
The disk in my neck #'s 3 & 4 were replaced with bone from my hip.
Any chance of reoccurence, other areas, etc ?


Well, you know that our spine consists of vertebraes. Between these vertebraes there are disks that act like cushions, so that vertebraes wouldn’t rub together. These disks consist of a soft center called the nucleus and an outer wall called the annulus. The biggest part of the disks is made of water, and as we get older, the disks lose this water and slowly lose their ability to cushion.
When a disk loses this ability, it is called a degenerative disk. It may happen that it shrinks (losing water), then annulus could tear and then nucleus gets out and touches the nerves that radiate the pain.
In the surgery, two vertebraes have been fused to stop the motion at one segment and can no longer move.

After the fusion surgery, when vertebraes have healed, they shouldn’t break down. However, they may put some extra stress on the nearby vertebraes. You should talk to your surgeon about what you could do to avoid this pressure.