This forum has helped me immensely. I haven't tried all of the methods, as I fear permenant discoloration of my lips. 

I noticed them early this year and can say I was pretty bummed about it. I looked back at old photos, and now it's obvious that I've had them for at least a couple years prior. Noticing them for the first time is by far the worst part, because you can't UNNOTICE them (as clearly everyone on here can agree). I can accept the current state of my lips, although there are bumps covering most of my upper lips, luckily the border is still visible. The very corners of my upper lip are pretty much gone. Good news is that from a few feet back, you really can't tell according to close family and friends that wouldn't lie to me to spare my feelings. The whiteish bumps sort of make it look like my inner lips are highlighted. 

My fear though is them getting ANY worse. Which is why I've been following this forum for months. Thank you everyone for contributing. It is comforting knowing I'm not the only one who struggles with it. 

I've been using the tretontin cream every night. It does NOT get rid of the bumps, but smooths out my lips enough where it makes them less noticeable. I haven't done consistently for more than a week so will see what happens after longer. 

I'm also starting the garlic remedy, so will report back with any (hopefully good) news.