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Hi , im 13 years old.

im in 8th grade , my height is 5'7 . i weight about 250. :-) 

every one teases me at school, some call me pig , cow and some other stuff.

so please tell me what i should buy to eat so i can loose weight.


I'm in the same grade as you!! OKay sooo I know being overweight can bring you down....Actually I don't know , but I do like to keep in shape! 

Here is my advice on what to eat ( DO NOT EAT "MOST" THAT IS NOT ON THIS LIST, UNLESS IT IS A SPECIAL EVENT( like a birthday, or wedding etc.)

fruits and veggies

drink water( not a food) ( but  helps people lose weight)

lots of salads ( light on dressing)

make protein shakes

wheat thines( light )

EAT LOTS OF PROTEIN( chicken, beef, turkey) 

tip: ONLY eat what is recommended on boxes ( that way you can count calories) 

YAYYY THAT is like all the things I eat for most of my week! :-) Also, don't let other people make you insecure! Keep your head up  , and let people know that you are in control!!!!! Believe in yourself! You are amazing( you better believe it)



disclaimer( i am not a porfessional) 




hello what you need to do is start to working out and eat healthy sleep good and the fat would come off and please don't fool yourself you need to be patient you wont lose all that weight in one week its gonna take at least one year no shortcuts (***edited by moderator***phone numbers not allowed***)