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hi , my name is nasreen...iam frm india...its been 1 1/2 yr of our marrge.,...we have no child still now,so went to the doctor,she checked me and said evrythng is normal in me,and she told me to check my husband,thats whr problm started,my husband has infertility problems so doctor recommended us to go for IUI...iam so scared and i have no idea abt it..plz help me ...anyone has been used IUI and got pregnant....plzz tell me the procedures and steps u have been through...thank yu so much for the help...:8-|


Hi Newbies,

The procedure is very simple and shouldn't cause any discomfort.

Basically, you will be monitored as to when you are about to ovulate.  Sometimes a hormone (hCG) will be given to stimulate ovulation.

Your husband will make a sperm donation.  It will be collected and then washed.  The sperm will then be placed into a catheter and injected into your uterus.

It should take 15-20 minutes.

Hope it helps.  Good luck!