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Howdy all,

Currently, I am reading a study that confirms that blood type diet has no scientific evidence behind it. Then, I came back to this forum and I have found out that a lot of girls had a success with this diet. So, I don't know what to think. Does blood type diet really work?

Science is not on the blood type diet side, but some experiences obviously are. The theory that stands behind this diet is that people with different blood type eat different food. Somehow, that makes a lot of sense.

What do you think, should I be afraid of the side effects?


Hi, what's going on?

Girl, let me tell you just one thing – stop asking all these stuff. If you are sure in this diet or if you really want to try it then do it. Opinions are totally different! Maybe this diet does not work for any person with an A blood type and maybe this diet is just the right one for the person with O blood type. You will never know if you don't try the blood type diet.

Do you agree with me?

You can find so many great links on the internet, so start to look up just now! Don't wait for tomorrow. I will tell you that I know a lot of girls with different experiences.

You should create your own experience too!



Howdy all of you

yes, I know that I need to stop asking myself a these questions, but I need to hear some experiences as well. Thank you for being so rough to me with your comments. I know that I need to try some diet before I ask some questions and opinions. But, I need to know do you have any success before starting this diet?

That is the only reason why I am asking these things. I have heard that this diet is amazing thing, it is healthy and I should try it.

Thank you for all your comment and critics.




hey... it is my first visit this forum