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Hello, guys.

I need some dieting advice. The thing is that I heard about diet from some French doctor, called Dukan diet. I only have partial info about this diet, but a friend of a friend told me that it's protein-based and I am really intrigued.

What can you tell me about it? Will Dukan diet help me to get the body I have dreamt of? What are the basic rules of this diet? Can it be combined with some sort of exercise, and, if can, what exercises that would be?

Hope I didn't asked too many questions. :)


Hello Monica

May I suggest that you visit a Dietician who can evaluate you as an individual and suggest therapy and diet plan to loose weight. Not every person has the same blood chemistry, some benefit easily, while some don't. So, will Dunkan Diet work?? It may or give miserable results.

Diet and exercise is the best way to stay healthy and tri,. Follow suggestions by a Dietician. Love and light



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Hi, Monica.

I completely agree with aushi. You need to consult your dietician first. Maybe that diet isn't for you. 

As I know, this is very popular diet worldwide. You are right, it's based on protein-rich foods. You can find list on the web. All of them have its role in one of four "stages" of Dukan diet.

Basically, you start Dukan diet by boosting your metabolism by eating as much as you want (you eat foods from the list). The next step is adding vegetables. After that, next two stages bring back other type of foods, but you need to eat an exact number of protein-rich meals.

Remember, you can achieve perfect weight, but you must include exercise in your weight-loss plan. Buy mp3 player and start running. :)