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People around me are talking about this blood type diet program. I am not quite sure what should I believe in. A lot of them told me that I should try this diet program, but I found their personal page on the social network, and I started to read some comments. I must say, they were not good – at all. Some comment left a big impact on me. In that comment was something like that, that we should ask ourselves how legitimate is blood type diet? I have to be honest, this question made me think about a lot of things about this diet program.

What do you think?

How legitimate is blood type diet? 



Good answer. But, to be honest, I really don’t know. Like you, I was reading a lot about this. I even started to follow this blood type diet once in my life, and I was feeling so clean and fresh during this whole process. But, some new researchs are telling is that the theory behind the blood type diet is not valid at all. Now, this probably means that this diet program is not as legitimate as we expected.

After all those things that I found out about this diet program, it seems to me that this is the last one that I would try at the moment. I am so skeptical about it.

If you guys have some positive knowledge and experience with it, let us know.




Like many of you, I read somewhere that a lot of people follow this diet program, and that this one supposed to be very healthy. Now, I am not sure what to think anymore. Is it possible that this diet is not legitimate, when should improve your health as well? I know a few people who were on this diet program and they were without any health problems, as far as I know. But, I will try to research again something about this.

Thank you for your information, I am really grateful because it will help everyone.

Have a nice day!