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Hello there,

I must say that I have found a lot of skeptical comments about this blood type diet. I have tried it and it was just fine for me. I have lost a lot of weight, I did not have any health problems, and I become even healthier than I was before.

But, I have found some things about this diet. Someone also told me that this blood type diet is not legitimate? How that can be? Is there even possible that one diet can be legitimate and other not?

I am confused, so please inform me more about this thing.



Good evening,

This is the first time for me to see question like this one, that some diet can be legitimate, because I was thinking that all diets are legitimate :)

But, I believe that this one is because Dr D’Adamo is a great expert in medicine, and so far I don’t know anyone who told me opposite :/ Sure, you will find a lot of negative critics, but you will find a positive as well. You can’t make your decision based on other people experience. It is hard, so you should try it. And, trust me – blood type diet is totally legitimate.

Good luck!