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Hello there,

I have a few questions. First one: what's actual food list for D'Adamo blood type diet? Do I need to visit him to tell me that, because it is different from person to person or not?

I have heard some great stuff about him, and I am thinking about to start follow his diet based on my blood type. I know that Dr D'Adamo started out as promoting the eating of the healthy food, as a one way to improve health and life. I also think that this is the right thing to do, so I am very positive.

What do you think? 


Hi guys,

here are some facts that you need to know about this topic. In the last years, Dr D'Adamo has developed a whole line of nutritional supplements. Those supplements are consisting of pills, chocolates, skin products and similar stuff for each of the blood types.

Since then, his diet has so many followers in the whole world.

What to eat? Well, Dr D'Adamo thinks that you have to eat foods that your body was designed to eat. That is the only way to become healthy.

So, I think that you should go and visit him. Also, you can probably find some meals online.

Good luck!