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Hi everybody,

I downloaded your Abs app planning to start my own weight loss plan and get rid of few extra pounds while saving money on a gym membership. The app is pretty cool, but the problem I’m having is back pain during some of the exercises, especially sit-ups. I wasn’t really physically active before this and I have a desk job that requires me to sit in front of the computer, so I’m wondering if my back pain is caused by that exercise or am I not doing the exercise correctly. If anyone has advice on what might be the reason for my back pain during sit-ups, I’d be very thankful for your opinion,



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Hey Brian, 

I am glad you contacted us. 

Back pain, especially lower back pain, but also pain in the neck area has so much to do with prolonged sitting. Since most of us doesn't have the luxury not to sit because of the desk jobs, there is an option to modify your sitting... perhaps you should pay attention to how you sit (90 degress elbows, kness, shoulders back etc...) There is an option to use fitness ball instead of chair... Do you have that possibility - I mean if you aren't working with clients face to face, perhaps your boss could allow that ... 

Now to sit us and and our app - sit ups are not back friendly - and yes - that is a fact. 

if you generally have back problems, you should avoid them all together. That on the other does not mean you will not be able to perform any abdominal exericses! 

PLANKS are a great way to include several muscle groups into workout - lower and upper back area, and also abdominal muscles - the trick is to perform them correctly. 

Check our app - and go through video instructions for planks - or simply observe how girls in videos perform them, and you will be there in no time. 

I would also like to suggest you to check the "supermen" exericses - you will find them at the end of each training - these types of exercises strenghten lower back muscles - definitely recommendable to all who suffer form lower back pain due to prolonged sitting..

Also, if you want to lose weight - inlcude cardio workout (jogging, fast uphill walking, swimming, ...) into your workout routine - at leats 30 minutes 3 times a week.  

And last but not least - NUTRITION. Think about the things you eat - are there too much carbs, are you addicted to sodas, do you use vending machines at work, do you eat veggies, what kind of veggies, do you eat meat - do you eat only fried meat, how much salt, how much diary do you eat - do you eat sweatened youghuts?  etc... Rething your eating habits and start changing them. 

If you have purchased the premium version of our app - there is a weekly nutrition plan with additional recipes and ideas you may like. Go through the nutrition plan - the plan is pretty strick, but not too hard to follow - if you stick to it 100% the success is guaranteed. if you change it just a bit, you will still see considerable changes on your body - of course that depends on what kinds of changes you'll include. A friend is a vegetarian and she started with the plan, so obviously since she is a vegetarian and can't eat fish or meat, she had to adopt some changes - she is still high on carbs, but the proteins she is thinnking about through veggies, egg whites, cheese and other diary made a considerable impact on her protein intake. 

It's important to be avare of what you're eating - and good nutrition plan represents 70% success on your way to a healthier and better looking body. 

Sit ups won't help if you are eating wrong.