Does Hymen break for partial intercourse? She was in pain and I pulled it off, but there was blood, it is not a complete intercourse(1/4th). Me and my girlfriend, we thought of having sex, its the first time for both of us.But when I went in for the intercourse, she started feeling a lot of pain, so it was not even a complete intercourse(JUST 1/4th), I pulled it off, but she started bleeding. It was little, but not so little. She experienced some bleeding, and she wants to know if she is still has hymen. Is it possible to have a hymen break for partial intercourse? There were some minor cuts near the vagina, but they r too small to cause such bleeding. So someone please tell me if its the Hymen break or if its some blood from the cuts. She had very minute bleeding at that moment and then she had got like some 0.001ml blood bleeding for every 30min. It stopped completely after some 12hrs. So please someone tell me if its a Hymen break or not? And about the bleeding.