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i been smoking weed for 3 years does it have an efect on my eggs?


--- I note that no one else has offered a reply, so I'll offer my best understanding ---

You say 'eggs' so I will assume a woman, thought post says 'him' (male).

If your period is continuing normal (monthly) then your body produces (strictly, releases) one egg per month, and those eggs (to the best of my understanding - and surprisingly) are all generated early on (puberty?). It's pretty difficult to affect a single cell, or do specific damage to that 'prototype'. Most 'damage' warnings about pregnancy occur because the growin foetus is hungry, and demands nutrients, so anything that your body has, basically becomes the child's food supply.

A single egg, for example, cannot - as far as I know - be considered to be 'addicted' to a substance, and if it is deprived of nutrient, it will simply die, and you won't get pregnant. If that is your concern, consider this: the egg is released for a very short period, with a very short availabilty for sperm, deliberately to keep it 'fresh', a new one each month.

The weed would effectively have to contaminate the cache (store) of eggs to have an effect.

All of which suggests that there seems to be no particular impact that weed could or should have on eggs - any more or less than caffeine, tobacco (two highly addictive substances), advil, or any other 'unnatural' substance that we daily ingest.


Once you're pregnant however, that's then different, because now it's not one cell, but billions of cells all needing oxygen, nutrients, and also bein guided on an absurdly sophisticated growth path by sensitive hormones and chemicals to guide the process: any additives or shortages during that period can have an effect, hence the cravings of pregnant women: that's the baby saying 'magnesium please' or whatever.

Somehow, I doubt there's going to be any in-depth study on it soon, especially since it might find it isn't harmful for you - that would be too bad really, wouldn't it? So that's my best understanding.

Hope it helps.