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Hello, I came across this forum hoping that I could find people who are going through the same thing as I am so I wouldn't feel so alone.
My fiance and I are at day 10 of not smoking. Part of me feels extremely accomplished, while the other part of me is dealing with intense withdrawal and all the fun emotions that it causes.

I can honestly say that we had no idea we had a real problem until the withdrawal started happening. My fiance and I are productive and responsible individuals that looked to MJ as a release at the end of the day. We didn't drink...or even think about touching another type of drug (the whole, 'it's natural' and 'not supposed to be addictive' was very comforting) We both had pretty stressful jobs and coming home to smoke a bowl between the two of us was a nice way to spend time together, just relaxing. It started as a once in a while thing (introduced by a friend we were living with at the time, who's no longer in the picture), slowly leading up to every night, sometimes multiple times a day if the opportunity presented itself. We never went overboard, usually just enough to get us high and then leave it at that. It never interfiered with our daily lives...we do not fit into 'pot-head' status. All of our bills are paid, our chores are done, our animals are well cared for and our relationship was flourishing. All of our friends literally had NO idea we smoked, only the kid we got it from and a couple others.

Fast forward 3 years later. Our tolerance lead us to smoke a little more each night, trying to achieve the the same level of high, making small excuses to smoke another bowl together. This frustrated me as we were slowly spending more and more money on it...and it seemed as though we both did not get sleep unless we smoked before bed. We were up to 1-1 1/2 ounces a month.
Our guy ended up going to jail (for a vehicle related probation violation...not even drugs) and we decided that now was a better time than ever to give it up. We wanted to save the money for our wedding and my fiance wants to get into a nursing program that requires him to be clean along with me wanting to be able to apply for any job I wanted and not fear having to pass a drug test. We smoked our last bowl and packed up all our pieces, being very proud of ourselves.

We were irritated for the first 2 days, nothing huge, and then I started to experience extreme side effects of quitting. I have had extreme anxiety and panic attacks that leave me feeling debilitated. I have had a very hard couple of days where I could not get over myself and all I could manage to do was freak out and cry. I fear things that are irrational, like my death (every pain being 'something is seriously wrong with me'), death of close ones, death of our ferrets, issues with our cars (every little vibration sending me into loops) etc, money being a HUGE factor that triggered intense anxiety, guilt and a constant worry. My fiance describes by emotional state as me 'not being able to get out of my own head' and my parents are on me about why I am acting so differently (I did give into my mother last night and told her what was going on, while proud of us for giving it up and moving forward, she does think we were just constantly smoking, which isn't true.)

I started doing research and discovered that I am, in fact, not the only one who has experienced these symptoms even though at first it provided very little relief. My fiance's symptoms are extremely different, it took him longer than me, starting 3 days ago, where he is feeling intense spurts of anger and irritability and cravings to relax. What we do have in common is vivid and violent dreams, a lack of appetite, stomach problems, headaches, sleeplessness and complete lack of libido.
I have read just about every bit of information on the internet about thc withdrawal and it's effects on the brain and chemical reactions...even though there is no solid figure on how long it is going to take for us to be over these symptoms. I realize that what we're experiencing is no where near as severe as detoxing from a very serious drug, but it is the most we have ever gone through. I'm scared I will not return back to normal and my fiance has stated that he 'misses the happy, bouncy, laughing, confident' me and I am scared of my fiances mood swings and his irritation that always seems directed at me. I hate waking up in a panic that causes me to shake for a couple hours afterwards.

I am desperate to feel better. (We do not have health insurance, we can't go to the doctors without a huge financial problem)
Has anyone else experienced what we're going through? How long did it take before you started feeling normal and optimistic again?
Thank you for reading this!


Hi - I don't have a lot of advice to give but wanted to say "good job" for hitting 10 days and I hope you both stick with it! Weed withdrawal is no joke for folks that have been using it long-term (even if it wasn't constant use). Yeah, it'll never get the press things like heroin withdrawal get but it that doesn't mean it's not hard. I've known lots of people completely addicted to weed and it's a really harsh emotional transition to stop. I've seen some try and succeed and some try and fail. Panic attacks, rage, the inability to process emotions "normally" without going to extremes, severe problems sleeping - these are all normal symptoms of weed withdrawal. In a way you have to retrain your mind how to deal with stressful things as before the weed was dulling them even if you weren't smoking all the time like your mom thinks :-D Try to replace that habit with a better one that will give you a distraction and an outlet. Physical exercise would be a great place to direct your nervous energy and stress.

Stay strong and know that you and your fiancee will adjust but it will take time. Until then, try to be patient with each other and talk about how you're feeling so it doesn't get bottled up. And really - try going for a walk or run outside the next time you feel stressed to see if the physical exercise serves as an outlet or distraction from the stress you're feeling at the moment.