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Hi, I live with my boyfriend and his family. Recently (in Nov-Dec 2010) his brother's girlfriend got pregnant.

The brother and the girlfriend are heavy weed smoker. Heavy as in every few hours, except when they sleep. and every time, they'd smoke a few bowls or joints.

I would think it's ok if the weed were from a clinic, but the weed they get are always from the streets.

I have advised her to stop smoking for the baby's sake, but she just think its bullsh**. They went online and finally found a story/document about the study of Jamaican women smoking during pregnancy. So they've been using that excuse ever since to smoke more.
At first she was using the excuse of morning sickness and not being able to eat. Now that doc has prescribed her some medication to help with sickness, she uses the Jamaican women excuses.

They don't seem to plan on quitting at all. So just want to know, if they continue this way, what could happen to the baby's health, and would the CPS take the baby away after it's born?

Any comments, concerns, and suggestions are welcome.

Please be noted that I will print out everything so that they can see it themselves.

Thank you.


thats very dangerous...smoking anything during pregnancy is dangerous.