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alright, I'm a bit embarrassed to talk about it but my curiousity has gotten the better of me and I ended up here.

so, me and my boyfriend have been together nearly a year now and have more or less started venturing foreplay the past few months. our plan is to wait till marriage before we have sex (both of us are virgins), but our hormones eventually got the better of us and we started fooling around, as my friend put it, to relieve our sexual tension and hopefully avoid being too tempted to have sex before marriage.

well for awhile now part of this has been his fingering me. he wasn't able to get very far in, we assume because I'm still a virgin, and only got so far as before the middle joint in his finger. well recently he was able to get much farther in, nearly the whole length of his finger. does this mean my hymen has broken for him to suddenly get further in? or has he simply improved at getting in or my vagina has adjusted to allow him further in?

there was no blood or pain. the only pain I've ever felt with it is if he'd accidently poke at a wall or a fingernail would scrub against anything and he'd quickly adjust his finger to avoid that as I would inform him. occasionally it would simply just feel uncomfortable and he'd adjust his position to make it feel good again. but no pain, popping feeling, or bleeding and he was rather sudddenly able to go deeper the other day and again again yesterday. has my hymen been broken?


Your hymen could most probably be broken or torn if he fingered you although it could either bleed or not. But only a penis can devirginize you, not his finger.