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Hi Guys,

Glad to see you are all feelin the same sh*t that I do after smoking. I'm gonna keep it short and sweet :)

I too have suffered from depression (undetected) and used to smoke from the second I woke up until bedtime (great sleep, great appetite and an exciting feeling that I could smoke the second I woke up)

One day though (yes that one day) it felt like I was having a heart attack. To this day I don't know what went wrong after performing a ritual that I had done for every day for about 10 years. Heart pulpitations, fainting, sweating, dry mouth and a sense that everyone, YES EVERYONE, is out to get me.

I still go through that vicious cycle when I have a toke of "God I feel better. It was all in my head. Weed is harmless. I'll have one or two tokes and everything would be cool................................."

Reality becomes an absurd mix of dreams
Dreams become an absurd mis of reality (not good ones)
Deja Vu is the norm
Depersonalisation is like a day off :)
Feeling like you don't deserve to be here is part of the parcel
No appetite or sex drive is the end product.

****Anyways cutting a long storey short. Cannabis is a dangerous drug when not used properly!

It is amazing at first but it WILL catch up with you. Trust me. I know 4 35 year olds that think hiding in a room with COD and smoking a J and being silent is "So much fun" whilst they argue the next day at who is going to but weed.

Exercise/positive thoughts/talking with your mates/a glass of red when you need some sleep and helping others is all you need :)

5-HTP kicks ass and so does St John's Wort but you are not tackling your everyday problems.

Peace out. I love my weed but weed don't like me anymore. It's life and it's boring at times but if you get to the point I am at you will be so grateful you gave up the skunky. I feel like Richard Branson combined with an army of columbian marching powder users that have just done a secret hand shake with Lennon in secret :)

Peace ppl



Would that be the reason for my problem?

Firstly Im 21 years old and have limited experience with drugs(about ten times or there abouts my whole life) and nothing hard.

recnently I stupidly got really drunk and shared a joint with a couple of people, later that night while possibly under the influence of both marijuana and alcohol, I tried rush or a popper a few times.

the next day I had the usual hangover etc and then still felt kind of weird the day after that. That day my chest felt weird not sore just wierd and I though nothing of it, intergestion or something. Since then that chest feeling has passed but I now feel kind of like a wierd heacache feeling in my head. And it is has now been about six days since I smoked, drank and did poppers. I can still function like normal and if im distracted they feeling doesnt seem as bad. But I cant stop thinking about it and im worried ive done permenant damage and that Ill feel like this forever.

does any one know anything about this? Should I wait ir go to the doctors asap?

Or am I imagining it ie through anxiety?



Hi I smoked cannabis for the first time 4 days ago on the night I had really bad anxiety and panic attacks it was a horrible feeling. The next day I woke up Ifelt like I was still high I felt like I was dreamin but it was real a really weird feeling and it's stayed the same for up till today and it's the 4th day I don't feel as bad but still feel weird as if I am not with it but I am and my body panics cause I don't feel right all I want is to go back to normal, I went to ER and got checked out and they found nothing wrong with me, I explained everything to doctor and doctor said I should be fine in a week or 2 but I have read up on this site and people are saying that they have done the same than me and they have not been right for weeks even months but never said they got better I would of wrote to them but the post I read was 5 years ago and you guys are the only 1s I can relate 2. Is it in my head? Will this go? did you guys get better? Would appreciate replys, never smoking cannabis again :-P


I think your just having mad anxiety now because of your "episode". I suffer from anxiety and I gave up smoking the doja a week ago, only way I did it is with my perscription of xanax. I have the lowest dosage so Im not "zoned out" on them you know, but I guess you could say at peace haha souds korny but its true. You should ask your doctor if you qualify to get the perscription they will ask you a series of questions and look at your previous records get some tests from you most likely and thats it you will know whats going on. Trust me talk to your doc they get paid bank to know whats up haha. Hope this helps peace.


Hi yeh that helps I will enquire about that. I am feeling better from when I wrote that post but still getting anxiety and lightheaded now and then but I guess it will go in time. And I did have a bad episode so I think that's what has caused all this :-S but thanks for positive info