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Hope someone else saw the Dr Oz show where he talked about wasabi peas and their wonderful ability to help keep certain kinds of cancer in remission. I can’t find that episode anywhere, so if someone knows more details about this, please share. He was talking about how wasabi peas help more for certain types of cancer and to people with certain body types. I’d like to hear other’s opinion on this matter, too.

All I can remember is the part where he talked about wasabi peas as a ‘power snack’ that helps your weight loss by telling your body it’s full.



Hello Leanne,

as wonderful wasabi peas are, I'm afraid that cancer is just as evil on the opposite end and it's difficult to expect that only the wasabi peas would keep any form of cancer in remission. The patients suffering from cancer of course still can benefit from other healing properties of wasabi peas, but i don't think that anyone who has gone through chemotherapy or radiation has any concerns about their weight and ways to keep it low.

I'd recommend you to take Dr Oz's advices just as they are - simple tips and tricks for mostly healthy people. In that case, wasabi peas sure have a lot to offer if you're looking to maintain or lose your weight,

Wish you all the best,