Well, duh!

When asked how they would do if they retook their driving test, 72 percent said they would ace it, and just one percent said they would fail. Of course they would pass the test. They know risky behaviors and would not do those during the driving test. It is the whole idea that people change their behaviors when they are being watched or tested.
More than three-quarters of respondents said older drivers should be periodically retested, and 69 percent said teenage drivers should be retested. But there was less support for retesting seniors among senior respondents, and less support for teen testing among those aged 16-25. From what I experience on the road, the more dangerous drivers are the drivers in their 20's and 30's (I'm not implying that any of the RRs are dangerous :)). Maybe all drivers should be periodically retested. Maybe every 8 or 12 years? Twenty-eight percent said they didn't use a seat belt, 26 percent said they didn't use a turn signal, and 10 percent said they had driven while drowsy.
28% don't use seat belts???? 8O That's just being an id**t! Unfortunatly, I fall into that 10% that have driven while drowsy. I have only done it a few times and typically I stop and sleep in a parking lot now. What is everybody doing to help prevent driving while they are drowsy? 14 percent said they read while driving

READING??? How can you read while driving? What makes me sick is seeing these actions while I'm driving. To make it worse, it is a common experience to see these actions. Why are drivers driving so horribly?

  • Could it be due to Drivers Education? What about the fact that cars are safer now then they were 10 years ago and people think their car will protect them? Could it be from watching other drivers and their bad habits?

I'm all for increased enforcement by the po-po. They should have more unmarked cars that just travel the highways watching for dangerous drivers. I'm also for the periodic retesting of all drivers. That way there is NO discrimination by age. What do you think?