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Recently when I was having sex with my girlfriend, as I get pretty close to climaxing, my left testicle moves and goes deep into the scrotum as my right testicle remains dropped. After I climax it takes about a couple of hours for my left testicle to drop, is this normal and if not what is wrong? Please help.


It is normal for you to have different lengths of the support cords that raise and lower the testes.

During periods of high sexual excitement, it is not unusual for one or both of the testes to "pull up" close to the body, or deep into the scrotum. Think about this. It's nature's way to get them up out of the way so they don't get crushed between two bodies.

The fact that one remains lower than the other doesn't mean that anything is wrong. VERY few men have testes and scrotums that behave in perfect unison.

Now, if the left testicle is pulling up so far that it is entering the body cavity (your abdomen) and staying lodged up there for hours afterwards, then that's something you'll want to discuss with your doctor. Prolonged exposure to this type of warm/heated environment can produce a variation in sperm motility and survivability. But that's not what you were describing, was it?

You're concerned that it takes a long while for this testicle to descend again.


It takes a while for your body to recover.

Just enjoy the orgasm and the afterglow.

(You are using protection, aren't you? But that's another important discussion.)

Good luck.

Let us know what you decide to do.

Loading... husband's testicles actually draw up completely out of his sack just before he ejaculates. His scrotum sack is empty as both balls go up and once he ejaculates they come back down into his sack. and hang down. This has happened since I know him and we are married 20 years. I was amazed the way his balls just go up completely out of his sack like this and then he ejaculates 4 or 5 spurts but the balls come back down right after he cums. I guess this is just the way many men's ejaculatory system works appears all normal, no pain or discomfort.