My natural hair color is dark brown/red highlights.
At 51, the grays are here. :'( :'( Actually, they have been here for some time.
Anyway...I have been coloring my hair for years, with out issue. The color i have been sporting for a long time is golden blond, sort of a wheat color. Ok, fine so far.
Yesterday i decided to go for a root job..just the roots.
The girl that normally does my hair was out on maternity leave so her assistant did it. She was very chatty.
After 1 hour and 15 minutes she rinsed me. I almost died. My roots, and about 2 inches more is BLONDE o.O o.O o.O While the remainder is the golden color that i normally wear.
I look like a lemon on top. My daughter said i look like a banana. My husband says it looks fine. (he has to say that) Basically my hair is two different colors. It is VERY NOTICEABLE. Now i can't get into see this chick until next week.
I am tempted to go to the store and buy a bottle of color and try it myself. Just my luck my hair will turn all different colors or worse.

ANY SUGGESTIONS? Or do i have to wait until i can get this professionally fixed. :$