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What is it? I have been sleeping with my boyfriend for at least a year and I have not orgasmed once. I'm not really upset about it or anything, but I don't get much out of sex anymore and it gets to the point where I just tell him to finish up. We have tried every position out there and it just doesn't do anything for me. Any suggestions? please?


Well, that must be frustrating!

I assume you're in your 20's. First off, it's much harder for a woman in her 20's to get an orgasm than in older ages. So, you're much more likely to be able to orgasm when you're older.

I know that doesn't help you now. Try adding a lot of sexy stuff to your sex life, such as lingerie, massages, music, candles, chocolate, etc. You've probably tried this already, but get to the point where you're very emotionally turned on. For a woman, it's mostly about emotion, so if you can feel very connected, your chances are much better.

Once you feel connected and are having sex, tap into how you're feeling. If you can concentrate hard, you may be able to orgasm.

If you tried all of this and/or none of this working, see an OB/GYN. Maybe they can help you.


What's the easiest way to achieve a female orgasm? I have a few different suggestions for you:

- During masturbation, for sure, since you can relax and not worry about what your partner is thinking about why you haven't climaxed yet. 

- Through clitoral stimulation, just in case you're thinking you can reach orgasm through vaginal stimulation. Most women can't. 

- With a vibrator. If you have not tried a vibrator yet, I would recommend it to you. It does what your hands aren't able to. Alternatively, a massage showerhead is another great way to reach orgasm. 

You also need to be relaxed and comfortable, or it won't happen.