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I have recently been experimenting with g-spot stimulation, but I have run into a problem. Even though I urinate right before I start masturbating, every minute or 30 seconds after I start stimulating my g-spot I urinate a little. I know this is urine and not female ejaculate because it smells like urine and because I am not anywhere near close to orgasm when it happens. I stuck with the g-spot stimulation for about a half an hour and I was STILL urinating every 30 seconds to a minute. It's not a lot, but it's distracting and ultimately keeps me from orgasm. I was under the impression that if a woman went to the bathroom right before g-spot stimulation that the urge to pee would not yield anything (except ejaculate during orgasm).

Any advice? Thanks.


Well ive never had a vaginal or a clitoral orgasm so i have been experimenting with vibrators. I have found that whenever i use a vibrator on my clitoris that i urinate a little as well every once in a while and that if i just let it happen i can orgasm afterwards. I have yet to orgasm, i need help to!