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I've always found it difficult eating during busy work week. It seems like there are all kinds of stumbling blocks. I try to stick to a healthy diet and exercise regularly but sometimes there just isn't enough time. I have to play catch up on the weekends. Is there a way around this? Sometimes it is difficult to monitor my glucose levels when I'm at work. I really need to go somewhere private and in fact my boss thinks I need to as well. What do other diabetic patients do? Has anyone found a solution for this. Some help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Depending on the kind of work you do, diabetes can be difficult to manage. You have a lot on your plate with managing what you eat, any medications you might be taking, monitoring blood levels, exercise and oh yeah, work. This can create tremendous stress.


Eating during a busy workweek successfully depends partly on how much time you have for lunch. If you have an hour that's good, however some people only have 30 minutes (not good). Monitoring your blood glucose levels can be difficult if you don't have break times or just can't take them because you're too busy. The matter of fact is diabetes discrimination is serious problem. Quite often, businesses don't provide accommodations to help you with your disease. All these stresses can increase insulin resistance and blood pressure. This may cause difficulty in sleeping making you too tired to exercise and through you off your diet.


Given that it is important to eat properly, eat around the same time each day, and check your glucose levels at certain times, you might want to discuss this with your boss. See if he/she can accommodate these needs. After all, it will certainly make you more productive as well as keep you healthy. I don't see why this would hurt and you don't know until you try. Good Luck!