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does anybody here have an ECG handheld monitor? do you find it helpful? and what type you have?i need information about it. if someone knows. please do share and discuss it.i own an Omron hcg 801 ecg monitor. i bought it years ago. but i wonder about the effectiveness and also i read there are other type that seems better and ones with cables, more info, etc.any inputs would be appreciated. :)


Hi! It's an interesting question that you ask and I suppose I'd question why you want an ECG monitor? If you're interested in monitoring your heart rate you'd do much better by having a wrist based HR monitor which will allow you to collect data and down load it to a computer, print out changes, monitor resting HR and any major peaks or troughs. If you need specific ECG analysis for a medical condition you'd do much better getting a proper 12 lead trace done which would be done in a medical establishment with trained clinician to have any viability. If you’ve got issues with feeling like you’ve got palpitations and haven’t sought medical diagnosis I’d do that straight away. Can’t think why you’d want to invest in something that will only make you worry when you can get a medical diagnosis and treatment if needed.