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Hi everybody.

I was planning to start following Danish diet. A friend of mine was on this diet and she had great results. She lost a few pounds and she was only following it for two or three weeks.

I asked her was it tough for her and if she was satisfied with the results. She said that she loved being on this diet and that she didn’t find it tough at all.

I asked her why did she stop following it then and she told me that it was her mother’s fault.

Apparently nutritionists have classified this diet as fad diet, and after hearing that, her mother was very persistent in the idea of her giving up this diet.

Her mother is over-protective, but she often does have a point.

Does anyone know why is this diet called fad diet by the nutritionists?


Hi TinkerBell23. I was wondering  the same thing. I searched this site a couple of times to find an answer but I couldn’t. I am glad you brought it up, I hope somebody would bother to explain it to us.

I even have no idea what ‘’fad diet’’ actually means. I just sense the tone when people use that phrase to describe some diet. It usually sounds like ‘’that diet is no good, it is a fad diet’’.

And I read a lot about Danish diet, it doesn’t sound so bad to me. A girl I know lost a lot of pounds while she was on this diet.



Hello to both of you.

Your friend’s mother was probably right about this diet. Whenever you hear experts say that some diet is fad diet, take it as a hint to find a better one.

Here is what is probably going to happen- You are going to lose some weight while you are on this diet, and then, from the day you finish with it, you will start gaining it back. That is how fad diets work.

They are a temporary, often unhealthy solution.

Danish diet lasts for only 13 days and promises you enormous weight loss. You don’t really need a nutritionist to say that this is a fad diet.



Thank you Aristotle 40!!

I thought that that might be the answer. But I thought it has more to do with the effects that this diet has on our overall health.

I am pretty sure that this diet is not a good idea, especially for me, since my health has always been a little fragile .

I am afraid that a strict diet like this can simultaneously help me lose weight and decrease my (already not in a good shape) immune system.

But I am really attracted to the fact that I can lose pounds in such a short period of time.