hey I'm sakshi please help me out by suggesting me I was in a relationship of 4 yrs nd the guy is vry nice nd decent one even he knew each nd evrythng about my past relationshp nd even aftr knewing that he had accepted me nd nvr hurted me for my past nd loves a lot but I'm a fun loving frndly type of girl but slwly he started being over possessive he started saying that don't talk to any boys at all nt frndshp or anything bt as I love him a lot I also agreed with him at first but slwly started lying him nd making hide that I'm talking with boys bt only as frnds nd the thing is as I'm a student I started jst to talk with my cls boys only nd going out with my frnds hiding from him bt my guy knew the truth from other friends of him then he started to be aggressive and I couldn't leave my friends so 2 to 3 times I broked with him bt still he tried nd again we came to relatn but finally when I was frustrated from his restrictions I broked up finally bt I still love him a lot plzz jst suggest me that what I should do now bcoz I need him as my life partner but I also need frnds but his condtn is that if I wanna b with him then I should leave my friends plzzz suggest me what should I do