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Hey all.

I've been looking for best exercises or workout for lower back. I'm working as a developer and I'm sitting in my chair almost whole day. I'm starting to feel consequences of such lifestyle, because since last month I've been feeling the pain in my lower back, which radiates toward my left leg, as well as pressure like discomfort in my lower abdomen. I'm sure my bad posture is causing this, so I would be grateful if you could suggest me some effective exercises that will strengthen my lower back.



It sounds like you have done very little exercise for a long time.  No doubt your back muscles are weak.  You'll need to strengthen the small muscles that run along the spinal column.  To make this job easy, try using a large plastic blow up ball.  These are inexpensive and last a long time.  The thing about the ball is you have to balance while you're doing your situps or anything for that matter.  This helps to strenghten those small muscles.  Once they are strengthened, I think the pain will go away.  Also the ball affords more cusion than the floor or a mat on the floor.  I found thatthe ball works well for me and I pretty much do all my exercises on it.