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I am 22 years old asian male and am uncircumsized. I have never had a tight foreskin problem before in my whole life till several months

ago. It first started out by it kinda hurting when i would peel the skin back. The foreskin is very tight now. I never had this type of

problem, it would peel down so easily with ease. This has been like this for about 8 months or so now, It cant peel back at all. When I do

peel it back its so tight it cuts of blood supply to the penis. It turned my penis head extremely red, then purple like it was choking. I

thought it would go back to normal but never has. When even just touching it, it itches inside really bad. Is there any reason why its like

this? By the way I do have diabetes
just for info if that has any involvement with this, also, I am a virgin. Should I get circumsized?

please Help!!!


You need to see your doctor. This could be a complication of diabetes, it could also be an infection. The itching is telling me that there is a problem that needs to be addressed.

When you say the "cuts of blood supply" - that can actually happen. It is a medical emergency. Please check with your doctor ASAP.

You may or may not need a circumcision. At this point I would not even be concerned about that. Get this problem checked out and resolved.

I'd recommend a visit to a urologist. Make sure they know your history of diabetes. It is pertinent.

Hope that helps. Please let us know how you are doing.


Aaah i had this a year or so ago. Get circumcision to sort it out - its a simple easy operation. Ive had it done and never looked back, only wish i had it done earlier!!

Hope this helps.


Hey, did the problem go away? Or its still the same, even I have been experiencing the same thing, tightness of foreskin and irritation and breaking of skin when stretched. Please tell how you cured it, because its irritating!