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A few months ago I noticed several floaters in both eyes that were not there before.  I knew what they were because I have had one appear in my peripheral vision nearly a decade ago.  These new floaters are very irritating because they are in my direct-line of sight.

There are two main methods to remove floaters in the eye:

1)      Vitrectomy – Similar to laparoscopic surgery (3 puncture holes in your eye to remove the floaters)

  1. Risks: Increased risk of cataracts, retinal detachment, high complication rates.

2)      YAG Laser to remove the floaters

  1. New procedure, limited doctor availability.
  2. From what I’ve read it can cause increased eye pressure but the doctors note that if a patient has that, it should go away eventually.
  3. Very low complication rate, although it is not zero.

My questions to those here:

1)      Has anyone had either procedure?

2)      How was your outcome?

3)      For those living with eye floaters directly in your field of vision, how do you cope with it?

4)      Has anyone had any floaters that were in their line of sight that went away eventually?

5)      Is there any method to “shift” irritating floaters to another part of the eye without surgery?

Any other advice?





I would hold off on the surgery.  Eventually, you will get used to the floaters will no longer see them.  I know it's hard to believe, but true.  I would't spend the money and risk my eye to have surgery.