For the last 10 months I have developed pain on the tops of my eyeballs. I have seen 6 doctors for this, all tell me I have dry eye syndrome - however when I look over the symptoms of dry eyes I don't feel I fit any of them! I don't have itching, burning, grittinness, red eyes, any of them. It just feels like pressure, as if something is either pushing down on the tops of my eyeballs or something is pushing from the inside out. I have had pressure tests, all which turn out ok. I notice my eyes hurt the most when I am tried, it's an unbearable pain. Once it starts, it only gets worse and the only way to make it go away is to sleep - but not nap, because this worsens the pain, I need a full night's sleep to relive myself of the pain. I am on prescription eye drops, I have plugs in my tear ducts and while the pain is less frequent, it's still as severe and intense when it does occur. Is this really dry eyes? Or could there be something else causing my symptoms?