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Im a 31 female and have been having facial spasms from my temple to my jaw and efects my mouth for over a month now with no relief from anything i have tried or pain meds from dr. It has been waking me many times every night. I dont drink soda or coffie and havent had any reason to be stressed. Any one have any idea


Hello tiffnee,

what you're experiencing sounds to me like Bell's palsy. It's a treatable condition that happens because either one of your facial nerves gets compressed or as some suspect due to viral infection of the facial nerve. It can manifest itself as palsy, but more often symptoms are more similar to yours. The good news is, if it's Bell's palsy that you're having, with steroids to lower the inflammation to the nerve, the condition can go away in a few weeks, or a few months at worst. is there a chance that you get a second opinion? I don't see how pain meds would help you with spasms, even if you're not having Bell's palsy,

Wish you all the best, Nicole