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Looking to lose about 50lbs. Anyone know of any good diets, or detox treatments?



you can say that any diet can be successful but only if you manage to escape the danger of gaining rebound weight. That's why you need to change your lifestyle and basically incorporate diet as your natural way of eating. Obviously, it's harder to do this if you focus on some very restrictive diet like cabbage soup diet. More successful way is to lower your calorie intake and make yourself more active by exercising - even if it's a simple 30 minutes walk each day.

If you focus only on a specific diet or worse, a detox treatment, all that will happen is you loosing "water weight" and forcing your metabolism to burn stored fat, but as soon as you stop the diet or detox and begin eating as usual, the weight will come back.

The other thing is, how effective diet will be depends also on your age and body-mass index. For example, if you are in puberty, the part of this weight will come off naturally and all you'd need to do is eat a bit healthier and be more active.