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Help! I had a bankart repair on March 2012 and it has been 8 months. Nevertheless, currently i feel that my shoulder is tingling and stiff, it gives me the feeling that it is going to be dislocated. Previously i have experienced 6 times of same shoulder dislocation. The MRI showed a labrum tear. I went to consult the same Doc. and he doesnt seem to be able to explain why is my shoulder having such feeling; numb, tingling, stiffness; on all over my arm including some of my fingers.

The recent MRI showed that the labrum is fixed and there are muscles grown on the shoulder. Also, i have consulted a chinese orthopedic and he stated that everything is fine and it is natural that i have the said feelings since after any type of surgery relating to bones repair- something related to arthritis.However, those feelings are annoying and it gives me trauma and insomnia. As i was sleeping, i would automatically wake up as if i feel like my shoulder is going to pop out. When my body is lied down on the bed, i can feel the that my shoulder and back of my shoulder is tingling and vibrating, as if its going to pop out.

I have planned to consult another orthopedic soon. Is there anyone who experiences the same thing? Thank you



Hi Sam, Even I had bankart repair in June 2012.After so long, from last month I started feeling stiff shoulder no ranges and keep get lot of pain at night. not sure what's happening. Need to consult my doc this week.