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Help! Lately I have to go to the bathroom every 5 min it feels like I have a very big urinate the howl time but when I go to the bathroom its only 2-3 drops I can't take it any more please can someone help me,what can it be and how do I stop it?


You should go to the doctor to see about this condition. I am assuming you are a male, so it sounds like an obstruction, possibly and enlarged prostate. Symptoms of this include difficulty starting and stopping urine flow, frequency, straining to urinate, weak urine stream, andnot being able to empty bladder.  You can develop an infection from not emptying your bladder completely.  The pain isn't a good sign either so you should definitely see your physician as soon as possible so you can get treatment.  An enlarged prostate happens as men get older.  If you are a young man, you may want to see if this is indeed an enlarged prostate or a tumor growing in your urethra.  Good luck at the doctor.