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I developed fibromyalgia about 4 months after a hysterectomy in 1996. Three weeks ago I had a tooth extracted because it was cracked and infected. I only had a minimum of pain at the extraction site. However, I believe I may be having flare-up of my fibromyalgia. I have increased body aches, tighter muscles, headaches, and stomach cramps. Has anyone else had this experience? Any suggs for fibromyalgia pain relief? I welcome input and comments. Judy.


Hello Judy,

my cousin and a very close friend suffers from fibromyalgia, she's been diagnosed 2 years ago after months of going from one specialist to another who were trying to figure out why she is in so much pain. She had to have sever dental procedures done few months ago and it seemed like things were going smoothly until one of her teeth needed to be pulled out. Her dentist knew she was suffering fibromyalgia, but before starting with the repairs, he told her that she's probably going to be fine, but that he can't guarantee anything. It seems that for both of you flare- up happened as soon as the nervous system was overstimulated from pulling the tooth. My cousin is getting somewhat better, even though she still has very painful muscle spasms.

Wish you all the best,