I had my gallbladder removed in 2005 and my diet has had to change over the years. I have had many emergency bathroom visits and kept a food diary on what foods to eat. I eat better than I used to and much less. I tried searching for sample diets and couldn't find anything that tells you what exactly to eat.

Here is an idea of what I eat daily.

Breakfast: Activia yogurt with grapenuts, decaf hot tea
Lunch: half turkey sand, dry, baked chips water or tea
Dinner: Grilled fish or chicken (no sauce or spices) rice, pasta or baked potato, steamed veggies

I stay away from ALL fried foods, soft drinks and spicey foods.

When eating out I always ask what seasoning and sauces are on the sandwiches. Skip the fries by ordering steamed veggies or baked potato. My family loves to eat pizza I order a kids one cheese only and have about 2 pieces. Turkey burgers are great eating out dry usually better. I really don't miss the "bad" foods compared to the way I feel afterwards. Its not worth the pain knowing I ate wrong and suffering for days. I only eat about half of my food it seems smaller portions really help me feel better.

If I do have a bad episode by eating something I have a ginger ale which works great or vanilla shake which takes away the fire in my stomache.

Immodium works well if diahrea persists but if I take too much I do get constipated.

hope this helps