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Hello. I need your help. Yesterday I was at some conference and I met this girl. It turned out, our parents know each other, her mother and mine actually shared a room when they were younger. This girl is amazing. She has a few extra pounds but they look very cute on her.

Since I have a lot of extra pounds myself, she suggested I should try the diet that she was following. She says it helped her a lot. Now , I usually never try those diet programs, but this time I think I’m gonna try. It is called Hot latin diet. 

Can anyone tell me for how long will I need to follow it before I see first results?


Hello Master22. It is a good suggestion and I believe you will lose your weight since Hot latin diet has some good reviews.

I find your question reasonable, but also pointless. It won’t help you to know when you are supposed to start losing pounds. I made the same mistake back when I started following it. I was told that after 2 weeks I will already be able to see first results. My results came after more than a month and even though I lost 35 pounds eventually, I was so disappointed with this diet because I was expecting results much sooner.