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Hello guys,

can anyone tell  me some positive experience and results with the 17 day diet?

Most diet programs want you to follow it at least one month, but I don't have so much time. My sister is getting married in 22 days, and I need some quick, but effective diet.

People who are following this 17 day diet told me that this one is basically everything that our body needs to clean itself, and to lose weight. How can it be true?

Do you have any positive experience to share with me?

I need something soon, that is healthy, and fast.



Hi everyone,

17 day diet is not a diet that has a very tiny list of food you can eat or boring calorie counts. Proper proportions are the only key factors in this eating process. The only way to work is to become your daily routine – every day. It is a healthy lifestyle!

But, don't expect any miracle. You can't lose all pounds you want in these 17 days. That is not possible.

Positive results will come, but you need to be strong in this diet process. This is a simple plan that gets bigger if you stick with it.

Good luck!




we are talking about really complex process. It is not easy. There is no diet that is easy! You need to know that your health and happiness are the most important things, and you need to stand strong and let you 17 day diet begin.

But, after you finish the with first cycle, don't stop there. Be strong and start a new, second cycle. If you stop after 17 days, you can't expect any positive results.

My sister followed 17 day diet for nearly three years, and she lost about 56 pounds so far. She is healthy and this diet is her lifestyle.

Try it, you will see it works.

Good luck!