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Hello. I’ve been reading a lot about some diet plans and programs lately. I wanted to make an oral presentation to my students about popular diet plans and eating programs that can be found nowadays online or in some easy accessible books or magazines.

Currently, on my list (of diets I am going to talk about), there are 5 diet plans/ programs / methods. They include : The Hiller Method, Hot latin diet, Cortisol connection diet, Fast track detox diet and Lemonade diet (or Master Cleanse diet).

I’m lacking information about The Hot Latin Diet, so I am hoping you could help me.

 Do you happen to know how the creator of this diet, Manny Alvarez,  come up with his 7 superfoods?


Hi. I would like to hear your lecture / presentation or whatever.

Manny Alvarez noticed that in America people are mostly obese and that the number of people suffering from diabetes type 2 is increasing every year. He thinks that those facts tell us a lot about eating habits in America. Since he is a Cuban American,  he noticed that many people that came in the United States from the Caribbean basin and other points of Latin America, after living in the US , became obese. Even though they were perfectly fit before emigrating. He noticed that those beauties that win on Miss Universe competitions are usually of Latin American heritage. That is why he decided to choose superfoods by taking a peek in their kitchen.



Yes, but he didn’t actually choose those 7 superfoods. He just saw Latin people using them. And then he investigated a little and concluded that those foods are very healthy-

1.Tomatillos are rich in Vitamins C, A, folic acid and potassium

2.Garbanzo beans- high in fiber, low in sugar

3.Avocado- lowers bad cholesterol

4. Garlic- lowers bad cholesterol, improves blood circulation

 5.Cinnamon- lowers sugar levels in the blood

6. Chiles- has a cooling effect on the body

7. Cilantro- accelerates excretion of toxic metals from the body

But he didn’t come up with this on his own, he worked with some famous Latina chefs and certified nutritionists and they practically revealed him their cooking/eating habits.