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Hello, I have a question.

Ive already asked my doctor about this but I dont think the answer is really fufilling, he said its not normal but its not bad.

I can pull my foreskin back behind my head, but when I do it, it doesnt look like a nice clean circumsized penis, the foreskin bunches up behind the head, but if i use some sort of lubricant and masturbate for a while the foreskin seems to "dissapear" and then It looks as if im circumsized, can someone give me a straight forward answer here?


I'm not sure what else you want to hear.

The doctor has told you that this is not normal... meaning, it doesn't appear in the majority of men... but that it is not bad or harmful.

Are you concerned over the appearance? Why? Won't the lights be off when you're in bed with someone? Or are you planning on having an inspection down there and want to make sure that it is attractive enough for her?

I'm just not sure what you are seeking. You've already had a professional medical opinion rendered. Do you want to seek out another doctor? Or are you looking for one that will tell you what you want to hear? Just what is that? ?