hey, im 19 and have had this foreskin problem for a while...i remember when i was real young i could pull it back fine, but inbetween then and now it has tightened up and fused to the head at the tip, on both sides of the slit. i have looked everywhere but their seems to be little to no info on this. I cant do stretching exercises and any time i try to seperate the foreskin from the glands its extremely painful and right now doesent really seem like an option...unless i numb it with frozen peas or something :-P anyway up until now ive been pretty ashamed and embarrased by this, havent told anyone and the girl im seeing is gonna find out soon :'( can anyone recommend any exercises or techniques i can use to ease this without going and getting circumsised? it seems pretty nasty and i have this vision if i go get surgery of doctors crowded round while they hack at my nob o.O also the skin is attached very near the slit, and most of the time when i pee it goes off on a crazy angle... i really need help with this because it seems even if i did go for an op, i cant see how they would remove the foreskin from the glans even after the chop. please reply, im dying here :-(