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Hi, my name is Max, I'm 23 and uncut. I'm very hygienic and clean my foreskin every day. I have recently (about 2 weeks) noticed a whitish, crusty substance on the inside of my foreskin. I'm pretty sure its not a std, since I have not had sex in over a year. It does not wash off, not even with soap. It doesnt really cause any discomfort, though it does itch sometimes. Is it possible that it is some kind of fungus? Though I wouldnt know where I'd get something like that. Its starting to freak me out a bit, and I'm not to hot on going to the doc, so any help would be great. Any ointment or creme or what ever would be great. Thanks for listening.



As far as I know only smegma could be accumulating under the foreskin. Considering you are washing it every day, I can’t relate to anything else.

Tell me, do you clean under the foreskin as well? Any std I am aware of, doesn’t produce that kind of substance under the foreskin.

If it were fungus, it would probably be yeast infection that again doesn’t cause such symptoms but totally different like irritation and soreness of the glans that may itch as well, you could be experiencing penile discharge that could be white and clumpy. Glans could become red and show blister-like things.

Smegma looks like cheese secretion and it collects under the foreskin ig not cleaned every day. If this is not what you have, I would advise you to see a doc and have it checked.


Hi Max23:

It sounds like a yeast infection.

Candidiasis is the name for a yeast infection.

You may try to treat it at home by:

1. Washing the area.
2. Drying the area thoroughly.
3. Applying athlete's foot cream containing clotrimazole.