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Hi, I have read many articles online but none actually address what happens after stretching the foreskin after some time. Here's my question, hopefully someone who went through the same thing can answer me.


Throughout my childhood I haven't had sexual intercourse and whenever I masturbated I didn't bothered to retract my foreskin. The hole was able to get through half of the glands and that was enough for me. Anyways, recently me and my girlfriend have been trying to have sex and I still couldn't fully retract my foreskin when I am erected. I've been stretching it kind of. What I did was just pulling it back as much as I can when I masturbate and when I was in the showers. Now it can fully go past my glands, but still doesn't look like its fully retracted like when I am not erected. The ring of the foreskin occasionally gets stuck behind the glands but it doesn't cause me any pain, just that I have to pull it back to the front when I'm done with masturbation or sex. Just wondering what do I do now? Will continuing to stretch it to the max continue to help the ring get bigger so I can fully retract it? Or should I use the 2 finger method to stretch it? 

This isn't really a big issue, but hope to get a closure. Thanks a lot!


Hi Mike,

Keep stretching it.  Your foreskin should glide easily over the glans. 

You can use any method you want.