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Alright, I know I may sound a little silly, but I just want some peace of mind.

I haven't washed under my foreskin for a couple of days. I noticed a lot of smegma being built up everytime I went to take a piss. As of yesterday, the left side of my foreskin is a red and a bit tender. I can still pull my foreskin back, and I really don't see anything on it that wasn't there before besides the redness. Also, I'll add that it does not bother me at all when not touching it. As I type this, I feel absolutely nothing, but I imagine if I were to go and pull my skin back or touch the area, it would somewhat hurt a bit.

I'll also add that I am still a virgin, and that when I do masturbate, I use no lube or cream. So I thought it could have been friction.

The reason why I worry about this, is that the other day I went to the arcade, and played with pretty much all the games there and then forgot to wash my hands when I took a leak. With me not really paying attention, I could have touched the inside of the foreskin when pulling back. Can someone get infected by doing that?


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hey there.
no your fine as far as not getting an infection from touching your foreskin and then not washing your hands. but you should wash daily to prevent smegma from building up and causing balantitis which is an infection your foreskin and glans penis. also some research suggests that poor penile hygiene can lead to an increase in penile cancer o.O

hope this helps some